“Claire’s latest works are an exploration in texture and material, using gold and silver leaf to convey grace and lucidity. The sparsely colour-infused, mysterious and meticulously arranged grids form an aesthetic dialogue that refers to both natural and manmade surfaces. The pieces have been described as ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’, yet they still retain a simplicity that belies their careful construction.

As with all of Claire’s work, the process and its visibility through the layers of applied material comprise a large part of the content. Her work uses traditional gilding techniques as part of a rich composition. Her controlled development of these complex surfaces allows her to both hide and reveal the strata beneath. The objects have a meditative quality playing on the light and space of her childhood home.

Claire explores the effect of changing texture across the boundaries between surfaces, by manipulating the effect of materials as they combine. The overall effect is one of subtlety and discretion that has always been fundamental to Claire’s work.”

Claire Burke grew up in rural Cornwall, where she remains an elected member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. Having studied at Falmouth College of Art, she completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Central St Martin’s. Since graduation, her work has received increasing recognition – exhibiting alongside Sir Terry Frost and Sandra Blow.

Much of Claire’s work has been commissioned for private and corporate collections. She now works with leading international designers, agents and collectors. She exhibits internationally, reflecting her burgeoning reputation.

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