Art Consultancy

A piece of art is an important acquisition, so the wise buyer chooses carefully and seeks expert advice. I’m Katherine Maginnis, and I’m an art consultant.

My role is to help clients place art at the very heart of interior design. Rather than something that’s added at the end, art is better viewed as a feature that enhances the character of its environment. Something that complements other features to create a balanced and harmonious whole.

The best pieces aren’t always the most expensive and, as an art consultant with more than twenty years experience in the visual arts industries, I can ascertain very quickly what a client needs. But more importantly, what a space needs.

Over those twenty years, I’ve nurtured great relationships with artists and artisans from all over the world. I like to involve them quite early in the design process, so they can create something unique and perfectly suited to its surroundings. And I particularly like working with artists who experiment with new techniques and materials.

Art for Interiors

This approach has led to creative collaborations with premium brands including Minotti, the Italian furniture designers. For the past seven years I have selected, commissioned and curated artwork to launch Minotti Italy’s annual collection at their flagship London showroom. I continue to work closely with them on interior design projects.

Food Art Installations and Brand Collaborations

I enjoy working with conceptual thinkers like Tom Wolfe and Benjamin Shine who collaborate with industry-leading brands on projects converging art, food, fashion, design, interiors and lifestyle.

“Art speaks when words are unable to explain”

Katherine Maginnis

June 2019