Gilded Three Dimensional Wall Art

Claire’s current work is the culmination of 20 years dedication to making beautiful abstract statements. Meditative, tranquil compositions playing with the picture plane with the suggestion of a horizon and landscape. Two textured surfaces juxtaposed, the subtle differences between them emphasised by their apparent simplicity, the work revealing itself to be deceptively detailed upon more prolonged examination. The work is fashioned from Gold and Silver Leaf. The timeless nature of the precious metals and the fascination they hold, adding to the works allure.

The work is genuine silver leaf, distressed with varnish, wax, and other mixed media, with a resin coating.

More common sizes range from 160cm in length to 120cm, 20cm to 10 cm wide and 10cm to 4.5cm deep. If project requires alternative sizes this is easily accommodated in consultation with the supplier to ensure maximum integrity in the objects.



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