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Inside the Cake – Edible Installation – Guanzhou, China

Tom Wolfe Contact Studio

Wolfe was commissioned by Four Seasons Hotel Group to headline ‘The Taste of Artistry’ Food festival tour throughout China. Tom finished each event with his most popular edible installation ‘Inside the Cake’ originally showcased at Frieze Art Fair in London.

His “Inside the Cake” installation incorporates performance with experiential taste, inviting guests inside the installation to have a taste and trigger their positive scent memories.

Wolfe with his award winning Architectural Canape Trays

Tom Wolfe Contact Studio

Wolfe was Awarded the Number 2 position in Architectural Digest for combining Food Design with Modernist Architecture having designed and created Couture wearable food trays and unique architectural trays for his Modernist afternoon tea.

Los Bollas de Costa Rica – Edible Landscape

Tom Wolfe Contact Studio

Wolfe draws out the meaning and cultural history of food. With Las Bolos de Costa Rica (July 2017) he created an edible chocolate landscape exploring the mysterious megalithic stone spheres of the Diquís Delta. Chocolate, sponge cake, fresh mint and gold leaf were transformed into soil, rivers and land forms, with mousse-filled chocolate representing the giant stone balls.