Living and working in west Cornwall, UK, William is interested in the layers of history, human and natural that comprise the making of the landscape and the role played by the photographic surface both literally and metaphorically in recording, interrogating and representing these histories.

“William Arnold is a photographer influenced by the first pioneers of the medium and perhaps of the theory that has pervaded photography since its birth. Sir William Newton, the academic painter, declared in 1853 that photography could never capture the ‘atmospheric veil’ which nature throws across the world, and yet Arnold seems to both refute and capture this aspect by exploiting light and shade to produce artistically driven portraits of the world around him. The work explores themes of temporality and attributes of photography as both art and source of documentation. Interested in the politics of representation, the works draw from the subjectivity and objectivity involved in the act of photography and in how photographs are perceived.” – Sarah Ryan (2016)

MA Photography – Photography & The Land (University of Plymouth 2014)
BA (hons) History (University of Lancaster 2004)

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