Shahina has been art curious since a very young age, fluidly painting and sewing by the age of three, and she still paint with both hands. She is a St Martin’s graduate with a studio on the Old Kent Road London, and her work is based on the practical exploration of perception. This fascination also relates to her corporate career in Consumer Marketing. Both the audience and research touch multiple elements of her work.

She resonate with Degas’ idea that art “is not what you see, but what you make others see”. Her image making is centred on the encounter: the crucial moment between the artist and the observer. She continuously ask: Has she done enough to let the canvas speak for itself? Can there be a dialogue between the observer and the artwork? Shahina believes that art should be an interactive experience, where the viewer goes on a journey to see form and details based on their own perception and spark their own individual imagination.

Shahina’s main focus is exploration of movement – allowing paint to flow, uninterrupted, without interference. She optimise this practice by customising paint to ensure the ideal flow, and She uses water as a conductive energy. “Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space” ― Jackson Pollock. By applying imagination, nature and science in a precise fashion, her work breaks traditional boundaries and reveals hidden messages, that can be easily overlooked with a mere glance. She wants to expand the image beyond the mind’s limitation and preconditioning.

Her mission:
To share the narrative and findings of her artwork globally.

Her ethos:
Art is science infused with nature
Mixed with imagination and seduction
All in constant continuous quixotic dialogue
Absorbed and interpreted to spark idiosyncratic perception

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