Ken Denning has in all his activities as artist been preoccupied with the landscape, which he persistently has sought out and interpreted through different artistic effects.

With a take-off in graphic, etching and drawing became the preferred mode of expression. The intimate format inspired to work with series of landscape, which among others were interpreted through the textual and condensed line of the etching needle. What is common for the approach to these works is an organization of the picture surface in contrasts to the open and the closed, the organic and the linear and none the less the rich exploration of the differences in shade between the black and white poles of graphic art, from the velvety blacks towards the whiteness of the paper. The landscape is to be recognize in a sober noticeable form, where the different elements are set out. But exactly Ken Denning’s ability to stretch out the picture surface in adversary and inaction, gives the picture a special insistent present.

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