Gordon is a vastly experienced artist with a career spanning over 30 years. A creative thinker and highly energetic artist, Gordon is constantly looking at the world in different ways, exploring ideas from a wide range of sources, combining historical sources, with images collated from his travels. He then combines these ideas and influences, often leading to new insights and deeper understandings of the world around us.

How these ‘patterns of life’ are then captured and revealed through Gordon’s work involves a highly experimental, energetic, and liberating approach, combined with rigorous self-critical analysis of the painting as it emerges over time. His works involve both minimal, as well as multi-layering of the paint. This has a profound impact on the resulting works. The challenge for the artist is in following the natural flows and energy of the creative process, a form of ‘dancing with paint’, not fighting the natural progression of the work but going with it. As the work evolves, the artist acknowledges the various colours and subliminal shapes emerging but then resists the temptation to further delineate and define these, leaving the viewer free to engage with the work in a highly personal way.

The results contain varying degrees of abstraction, some leading to key, radical breakthrough works. The outcomes contain the subtle forms, shapes, images and imaginings, as the layers of paint interact. There is an undefined ambiguity about the images that emerge, inviting the viewer to go on their own personal journey of exploration, often a meditation, reflecting on their own lives and experiences. Different people see many different things in his works, and for Gordon, that is an important outcome.

Gordon’s works are fresh and original and part of his ongoing exploration, often over extended periods of time, into the new possibilities that painting still offers. Continually pushing boundaries, using new types of paint and work surfaces, his most recent works painted directly onto aluminium now forms a centrepiece of his creative experience. Gordon also relishes working on a large scale, where the sheer physicality in producing some of his larger pieces represents further sets of challenges.
Gordon’s work should be seen as an important contribution to the painterly narrative.

Gordon has exhibited in London, New York and laterally Marrakech, where he divides his time between the UK and Morocco.

Gordon is also expert at delivering artworks to match clients’ specific needs, whether they are corporate of private clients by placing the client firmly at the heart of the artwork / project.

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