Anna Russo is an Italian novelist and visual artist. She publishes her novels with the most renown Italian publishers, Einaudi, Mursia, Salani.

Anna Russo combines her love for the written word and her painting and sculpting ability to create palpable artworks; pouring cement and carving words with knives on canvasses, adding acrylic and playing with different materials never fails to make her reach a new artistic dimension. Her paintings are bas-reliefs with a distinct textured look that imbues them with dramatic emotional impact.

She ingeniously carves on canvasses words from novels, poems, and songs allowing her art to grow and evolve into fluid, readable paintings, the “emotional” and elegant calligraphy, the juxtaposition of lines, shapes, and colours create visually rhythmical artworks.

Anna Russo’s body of work includes the collection of sculptures that goes under the name “The World is in your hand”; every world she casts has a unique design and represents a different emotion and state of mind, each world communicates an ideal human condition, a vision, or desire to fulfill.

She currently lives and works in Milan, all her artworks are handmade and cast in her studio, where she makes bespoke pieces and continues to experiment with new mediums and designs.

Anna’s artwork exhibits in the most prestigious art galleries and showrooms in Italy, Europe and the Far East. A comprehensive collection of her artistic journey is showing at the Museum-Binario 21 in Milan.

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