Stripes White Triptych

3 panels of 120 x 70cm each

Rose Long’s ‘Stripes’ series of paintings derives from a need to expose oil paints for the viscous, sensual, seamless, oozy, malleable and yet forgiving medium that it is.

In this series she examines tonal combinations or color together with the texture, form, edge, shadow and layering of paint on canvas to emphasise the convening of the boundaries of paint, air and canvas.

As an architect Rose is used to working with different drawing tools to create structure in space. Similarly with these paintings, the use of tools is paramount – tape; straight edge; set square; palette knife; brushes, scribes and plumbs are all used to apply paint with differing results.

Standard size 120 x 70cm made to order with a 12-16 week lead time.
Artwork can be made to bespoke dimensions
For all commission enquiries please contact us at the studio

Dimensions 120 × 70 cm
Dimensions 120 × 70 cm


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