Synthesis V

Synthesis V is a wall-mounted illuminated sculpture. It is designed to be installed in the corner of a room with 90 degree walls. Inspiration for this piece came from the artist observing a shaft of sunlight creeping across the corner of a room, which is why Synthesis V is set at an angle as it approaches the corner.  The resin is illuminated by high quality LED strip lights, which emit very little heat and have very low power consumption. It is also possible to add a dimming module to control the level of light.

Synthesis is the study of a dialogue between two contrasting materials – resin and tar – and their negotiation for space and identity when forced to become a single unified entity.

Petal-like cracks and fissures formed through a careful manipulation of the catalysing process of the resin cluster and interact with amorphous invasive bodies of tar, which loom – apparently suspended in space. The tar initially appears densely black, almost light-absorbent, but upon closer inspection, a network of fine green vapour trails can be seen drifting from a surface partially melted by the exothermic reaction of the curing resin. As the tar heats it expands, searching for pathways within the resin and rushes to claim open fissures, creating wafer thin golden slivers of coral-like protuberances.

Standard size 145.6 x 28 x 84.2cm made to order with a 4-8 week lead time.
Artwork can be made to bespoke dimensions
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Dimensions 145.6 × 28 × 84.2 cm
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Dimensions 145.6 × 28 × 84.2 cm





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