Katya de Grunwald lives in the South East of England and collaborates to make sophisticated, simple and elegant work for a variety of publications and clients.

There is a particular stillness to her work and a refined, considered use of the colour palette often tending towards the monochromatic in her personal projects.

Drawing inspiration from the everyday object, familiar or ordinary and yet often revealing and resonant, she is interested in finding visually arresting ways of working with photography, using objects to evoke more than their mere physicality.

Katya has contributed to publications such as World of Interiors, Hole & Corner, Homes & Gardens, Elle Decoration, The Telegraph, Telegraph Luxury, Homes & Antiques and for clients including Anthropologie, Liberty, Plain English, Ptolemy Mann, Ryland, Peters & Small, Geofre and Minotti.

She has just published her first book Made in Spode.

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