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Counterpart was commissioned as a functional work of art by the Duke of Devonshire. It was requested that the sculpture should respond in some way to the history of the Devonshire family and Chatsworth House. It comprises two contrasting blocks: one dark and light-absorbing; the other translucent and crystalline. The dark block is made from coal and references the 18th Century coal tunnel mines owned by the Devonshire family. The glowing transparent block, made from resin, evokes the extensive mineral collection begun by Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire in the 18th Century.

The installation is also a study of the material relationship between artworks on display throughout the house and the plinths upon which they sit. Throughout the house a fascinating interplay between nature and artifice is evident everywhere from a beautifully veined stone lintel to an intricately carved wooden frame bordering a trompe l’oeils depiction of nature. Each is magnificent in its own right. At times the natural splendour of a marble plinth will completely eclipse the sculpture it was built to support, bringing into question the true value of materials compared to what is made from them. Counterpart celebrates this blurring of nature, craft and art through the mix of natural and synthetic materials, and production process that are as much laboriously hand crafted as they are influenced by chance.

Standard size 45 x 220 x 35cm made to order with a 12 weeks lead time.
Artwork can be made to bespoke dimensions
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Dimensions 45 × 220 × 35 cm
Dimensions 45 × 220 × 35 cm



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